Business and Advanced Analytics

Quantica enables organizations to make smarter decisions leveraging client life cycle, experiential, operational and marketing data by using advanced analytics, providing clients an accurate delivery of business insights, as well as smarter outcomes.

Business Analytics

Risk Analytics

Use risk models to detect irregularities and identify high-risk activities across your operation. Use insights from industry compliance, advanced algorithms, and internal and external data to secure your entire digital environment.

Client and Donor Lifecycle

Design and deploy models backed by predictive analysis. Draw on relevant datasets to pinpoint specific prospects who are most likely to convert as well as predict client and donor retention.

Operational Analytics

Scale the analysis of large volumes of structured and unstructured data and transform it into valuable information that improves decision making, lowers costs, and encourages sustainable growth.

Marketing Analytics

Build sophisticated marketing models that collect and integrate intelligent data across multiple channels. Use predictive analysis for formulating processes and technologies that measure the success of marketing campaigns.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics Strategy

Design and deploy the right datasets, visualizations and security controls across your organization that securely enable decision makers to visualize the current and the future state of the organization.

Insightful Reporting

Offer simple, interactive and customized reports to manage your business. We have in-depth experience developing intuitive, highly interactive and customized reports and dashboards for clients using technologies like Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce, Tableau, Alteryx and QlikView.

Automation and Scalability

Create backend processes and business data flows that seamlessly automate the generation of datasets and reports. Build data warehouses and structures that allow fast analysis of multi-dimensional data.

Customized and Interactive Reports

Prepare customized and interactive reports by analyzing data from disparate systems, channels and sources based on various KPIs  to make business decision faster.

AI, Machine Learning and NLP

Machine Learning

Use machine learning algorithms for data and image tagging and character recognition. Recognize data patterns and decode unstructured dataeffortlessly and leverage it to make highly informed business decisions.

Complex Data Visualizations

Combine the power of visual analysis and data sciences to comprehend data in a better form such as image and pictures to gain better insights. Explore data, grasp difficult concepts, uncover hidden patterns, identify trends and discover meaningful insights.

Natural Language Processing

Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to identify patterns, risks, and opportunities. Decipher patterns and sentiments in text data, Or use advanced tools and technologies to decode its meaning and context in textual and human speech.

Text Mining

Process and store unstructured text, which can be subsequently used for in-depth analysis and creating smart applications. Leverage analytical tools and techniques to analyze unstructured data in big data environments.

Analytics Platforms