• Innovating on enterprise software

    We collaborate with businesses in a wide range of industries to design, implement, integrate and manage innovative enterprise solutions to meet the demands of constantly changing business requirements and user needs.


Salesforce Consulting

From implementation and integration to user adoption, Quantica Technologies provides customers and partners a full-lifecycle approach to Salesforce CRM implementation. Learn more …



Innovation and custom development

Extend usability and functionality, on web and mobile, into custom solutions to address, securely and at scale common pain points and reduce licensing costs


Deployment of Salesforce enterprise level solution including system architecture, automated processes, configuration, workflows, analytics and reporting


We help you to evaluate and match your requirements, define scope, or design a phased solution approach, as the solution is fully deployed and adopted.

Seamless integration

Our managed integration services reduce the cost and effort for our customers to migrate or integrate with Salesforce on-premise and cloud-based applications

Business and Advanced Analytics

Quantica enables organizations to make smarter decisions leveraging client life cycle, experiential, operational and marketing data by using advanced analytics, providing clients an accurate delivery of business insights, as well as smarter outcomes. Learn more …

Implementing an integration strategy

A successful integration strategy is critical in a highly distributed environment where your application needs to connect with legacy systems, other cloud and SaaS applications. Quantica Technologies’ integration experts will work with you to automate your business processes and enable secure sharing of data across these applications. Learn more …